Anne Haug is a German professional triathlete born in Bayreuth in 1983. This top athlete lifted mountains to register as queen in all triathlon distances. Focus on Anne Haug : a woman of steel mind, 2019 Ironman World Champion.  
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108,33 €
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Anne Haug is a German professional triathlete born in Bayreuth in 1983. This top athlete lifted mountains to register as queen in all triathlon distances. Focus on Anne Haug : a woman of steel mind, 2019 Ironman World Champion. At 38, Anne Haug is a benchmark in the world of women's triathlon. One by one, she climbed all the ranks leading her to the world top of triathlon. Anne Haug has won numerous titles and podiums in sprint, Olympic distance and long distance circuits. As a child, Anne Haug already has sport in her blood. She played tennis from the age of 5, before trying judo, skiing, volleyball and badminton. The young German even becomes indiaca world champion ! While learning to swim at age 20, Anne discovered triathlon by accident. She trains alongside her studies in sports science. At the Technical University of Munich, one of his comrades concocts a training plan for him that allows him to progress from year to year. The beginnings of amateur triathlon In 2007, Anne Haug embarked on her first competitions organized by the International Triathlon Federation (ITU or UIT), now called World Triathlon. Double German duathlon champion in 2008 and 2009, the triathlete amateur competed in the World Winter Triathlon Championships in the same years. At 25, Anne finished in 8th place at the World University Championships in the discipline. From 2007 to 2010, the German swam, cycled and ran in no less than 19 ITU competitions and ranked 14 times in the top 10. Professional career and first victories On the strength of these promising beginnings and once graduating, Anne Haug decided to become a professional triathlete in 2010, at the age of 27. A significant turning point that can be felt in his performances. In 2011, she won the European Triathlon Cup in Quarteira and took the third step of the podium at the World Cup in Mexico. That year, Anne Haug participated for the first time in the World triathlon series (WTS). The start of his short distance career is well and truly underway ! The short distance triathlon champion at the Olympic Games In 2012, Anne Haug moved up a gear as she finished in the top 10 of 7 World Triathlon races. At the end of the season, she races the S and M formats of the World Triathlon Series. Anne captured the crown in the Auckland grand final , earning her the title of world short distance runner-up. On her 30s eve, this outstanding triathlete fulfills her dream of competing in the Olympic Games. In London, Anne Haug takes an honorable 11th place in the Olympic distance. The following years brought new victories on the most prestigious races. Crowned German triathlon champion in 2013, Haug took 3rd place in the overall WTS standings, winning the Auckland and Hamburg events. She also won the gold medal at the Mixed Relay World Championships alongside compatriots Anja Knapp, Jan Frodeno and Franz Loeschke. As she managed the feat of qualifying again for the Rio 2016 Olympics, Anne Haug finished in 36th position. A frustrating result which announces a change of direction ... The long distance bend After shining in the sprint and short distance events, Anne Haug chose to reorient herself in 2017 towards long distance circuits. A milestone brilliantly crossed as she won her first title in an Ironman 70.3 in Lanzarte, Spain, after a thunderous race in the half marathon. The beginnings of a future world long-distance star were confirmed the following year. In 2018, Anne Haug once again adorned herself with gold in the Ironman 70.3 in Dubai and California and captured bronze at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in South Africa. She takes the opportunity to celebrate her first long distance race at the Ironman European Championships. A 4th position gives him his entry ticket to the legendary Ironman of Hawaii. As she discovers the impressive course of Kona, Anne Haug takes a remarkable 3rd place after her first participation! Anne Haug's Triumph at the Ironman of Hawaii In 2019, Anne Haug was forced to stop training following several injuries. But the warrior does not let down and comes out stronger than ever. She put on a fabulous performance at the Ironman in Copenhagen with a new record time of 8:31:32. As a reward, a new qualification for the XXL Big Island race ! Determined, Anne Haug slices through the waters of Kailua-Kona, flies over island roads and treads Hawaiian soil for the second year in a row. She crossed the finish line more than half an hour ahead of four-time defending champion Daniela Ryf of Switzerland. It was the consecration, the culmination of her career : Anne Haug is the Ironman world champion. It is a great pride for Ekoï to be a partner of this exceptional triathlete with an impressive track record, conquered with diligence, strength and endurance.


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