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Ekoi By De Rosa

J.C Rattel's Editorial


Some rather commonplace, like creating a jerseys and caps Collector's line. Simple to implement but really anecdotal for our brand and its incredible experience.

Ekoi By De RosaUgo De Rosa - Jean-Christophe Rattel - Christiano De Rosa - Davide Campagnolo

Passionate about cycling, not only the sport but also the bike itself, I thought about the best. In other words, an exceptional bike in a limited edition with the help of a legend in cycling history.

The De Rosa blazonry, prestigious and representing an absolute beauty and craftsmanship, established itself. The legendary Ugo De Rosa, considered by Eddy Merckx as the best frame manufacturer in history, and his son Cristiano remained to be convinced in the challenge of an Ekoi by De Rosa bicycle designed and assembled in their Milan workshops in Cusano.

Ekoi By De Rosa

They replied : “Not simple but exciting.”

After months of dialogue, conception, work on design and graphics, reflection on editing, we all met at De Rosa to lift the veil on the Venti. A sublime dream bike, with its high-performance carbon frame, Campagnolo group and Fulcrum wheels.

Davide Campagnolo himself made the trip from Vicenza for the occasion. Thus saluting our efforts and our passion. A further sign of the recognition and esteem of the greatest for the French brand Ekoi.

Ekoi By De Rosa

Ekoï Venti

The test by Top Vélo

To celebrate Ekoï's 20th anniversary, we obviously thought about making jerseys, T-shirts or caps like some brands do, but we felt that was a bit too conventional, not really enough to mark the occasion. In short, we really had to find something else ... and the idea came to us to offer our Ekoï customers a high road bike in limited series, obviously a beautiful and efficient product, really in the Ekoï spirit.
Here is the exclusive test of this Ekoï Venti bike by the Top Vélo Team!

A fantastic style!
What a face this bike! Ekoï has succeeded in offering an elegant and sporty bike with a devastating look.

Ekoi By De Rosa

A bike designed for cyclists and pros

With its high modulus fiber assembly and oversized tubes, the Venti does not hide its claims: a bike built for performance. Nevertheless, De Rosa wanted to keep a bike accessible to ordinary people, by studying the filtration of vibrations with programmed deformation tubes.

You will have noticed the complete integration of the cabling which uses the excellent FSA system. The ducts are routed through the steering tube, which facilitates maintenance. Obviously the aerodynamic gain is not negligible.

The shape of the top tube is directly designed to provide maximum rigidity to maximize the performance and the bike efficiency.

Ekoi By De Rosa

Assembled in Italy at De Rosa

All Ekoï Venti bicycles are assembled and mounted at De Rosa in Cusano Millanino, on the outskirts of Milan. An assembly carried out by a single operator, where each step is manual and unique. The guarantee of an exceptional assembly, perfectly carried out.

Ekoi By De Rosa

Campagnolo Chorus group and Fulcrum carbon wheels, choice equipment

Ekoï has chosen first-rate equipment to equip his 20-year-old bike.

The 12-speed Campagnolo Chorus group is a true mechanical clock still made in Italy. Its design is quite incredible with a magnificent 4-spoke crankset, all in carbon and its hydraulic disc braking system is the most efficient on the market. With its 12 speeds it offers a very wide staging, very useful for those who climb passes.

FS Gossamer components (handlebar and stem) ensure rock-solid reliability, while their ergonomics are just perfect. A great choice from Ekoï and a sure bet.

The wheels deserve our attention. The Fulcrum Wind 40mm sets the standard in their segment of versatile carbon wheels. Their 40mm profile makes them versatile, so they are just as comfortable in the passes as on the flats. Reliability side, nothing to say.

The tires delivered are Vittoria, but the wheels are tubeless compatible, so it will be possible to upgrade to tubeless tires.

Ekoi By De RosaEkoi By De Rosa

On the road

We feel good on this bike. The positioning is easy to access, without going overboard. A good thing.

Immediately I noticed the extreme responsiveness of the frame / wheel pairing. As if the whole formed a single solid block, dedicated to moving forward as quickly as possible. The rigidity is present but not excessive.

Even at low speed the bike does not suffer from inertia. So much for the first sensations.

Then, over the kilometers, the Venti is revealed more and more. I like its filtration of vibrations in the seat. The choice of a round, small-diameter seat tube allows for the deformation just necessary when taking a shock.

On the front of the bike, the FSA cockpit provides excellent ergonomics which makes it easy to switch between hands up / hands down.

On the flat, the stiffness of the bike offers fantastic efficiency. Coupled with the aerodynamics of the 40mm Fulcrum wheels, you can drive smoothly and effortlessly at over 35 km / h. As soon as you want to relaunch the pace, the bike responds.

In bumps, the lack of inertia in the undercarriage gives the impression that the bike weighs a kilo less than in reality. A feeling of lightness and ease accentuated by the large ratios of the Chorus group.

A few words about disc braking. While it still turns some people off, you really have to give it a try to find that it offers pretty fantastic braking ease. The control is almost total, and above all, the power is constant, whatever the outside temperature and the weather. A pure success, especially since the Campagnolo system with magnetic brake pad return allows you to ride without any noise or friction.

Ekoi By De Rosa

Remarkable bike

The Ekoï Venti by De Rosa immediately shows great performance by offering a perfect equation between performance and comfort, ease of use and efficiency. An ultra modern bike which retains all the classicism one has to expect from an Italian bike. A real passion bike!

Designed for Performance - Driven by Passion
Designed for Performance / Driven by Passion
Confidence and quality


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