John Degenkolb victory on Sprint au Skoda - Tour of Luxembourg

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 John Degenkolb victory on  Sprint au Skoda  - Tour of Luxembourg
Publié le 2020-09-18 11:43:23
John Degenkolb sprinted his first victory of 2020 at the Skoda Tour of Luxembourg. 
The finish of this 3rd stage was judged at Schifflange, where the 31-year-old German was faster than Eduard Grosu and Pieter Vanspeybrouck. This is his first victory for Lotto Soudal. John Degenkolb :
“We had to straighten the bar, after 2 difficult stages for us here in Luxembourg.
In particular following the departure of Tomasz Marczyński & Harm Vanhoucke this morning, due to isolation measures.
Tosh Van der Sande did an incredible lead-out job.
I am very happy with this victory.
It's so nice to be able to finish the work for the team and the fact that this is my first win for Lotto Soudal makes this success even more special.
“It's now been 19 days since I fell on the Tour's opening stage.
This victory shows that my condition was really good at the start of the 'Grande Boucle'.
My knee is getting better & better, I don't feel pain anymore. " “The next few days will still offer some great opportunities for the team, but more for me.
So I will ride in the service of Tim, Tosh & Phil.
Tim is feeling better and can aim for the overall standings" “I'm also part of the selection for the world championships next week.
It might come as a surprise to some, but today's success proves I'm in good shape.
Imola’s journey doesn’t really suit me, so my role will be to help the team. "
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Five Products for the Team KMC Orbea in Nove Mesto

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Two rounds of the World Cup, or 4 events, took place at the Nove Mesto site. The KMC Orbea team leaves with five podiums: Milan Vader: 3rd and 2nd in the XCO. Thomas Litscher: 2nd in the second XCC). Victor Koretzky: 2nd in the first XCC and 4th in the second XCO. The team wins both team stages. Milan Vader: "An incredible week" “Before coming here, I knew the feelings were good. But with the lack of international confrontation, it was difficult to project. Of course, I'm leaving more than satisfied with my first two World Cup podiums. I see that victory is getting closer and it’s really motivating for the future. Overall, we have had an amazing week all together with the team. Everyone has done a tremendous amount of work to ensure that we are in the best possible conditions and that can be felt on the bike. " Victor Koretzky: "A very dense level" “I started my week perfectly with second place in the XCC. Although I had some problems afterwards at the XCO, I managed to get back into the game for the last two events of the season. Today with Milan we had a really good race, taking our responsibilities. In times, I have never been so close to victory. We could see this week that the level was very dense. I think that now ten riders can win a World Cup. I can't wait to be next. " Thomas Litscher: "A great dynamic" “Even though back problems prevented me from expressing myself properly today, I'm pretty happy with my week, including a podium. The general atmosphere in the team is excellent and that makes you hurt yourself even more on the bike. Now it's time for the World Championship in Austria where I have the feeling that anything is possible. " ...

Frist national Victory for Lotte Kopecky

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Lotte Kopecky won the title of Belgian road champion for the first time in her career. After 131 kilometers of racing in the Anzegem region, she beat Jolien D’Hoore and Shari Bossuyt in the sprint. Kopecky therefore succeeds her teammate Jesse Vandenbulcke. Alongside this road title, the 24-year-old is also the current national time trial champion. Monkfish Kopecky “I've been chasing this national title for a long time. This victory therefore gives me great pleasure. It was really a great team performance today. My teammates took matters into their own hands from the start. They hardened the race and they neutralized a lot of attacks. After all this work, I had to conclude. " “I wasn't afraid to attack soon enough. In the end, it paid off. I was able to make the race more difficult for Jolien and that had an impact on her in the sprint. At one point the peloton was very close and I tried to surprise them by attacking in the Tiegemberg. She didn't really like it, but we were able to keep up the pace. " “When Shari joined us in the last few kilometers, I quickly felt she was going to be satisfied with third place. I started my sprint 200 meters from the finish line. I panicked a bit as I shifted gears, but luckily that didn't cause too much of a problem. Jolien was right next to me and I knew I had to go all out until the end. " “I raised my arms because I felt I had won. When Jolien did the same, I started to have doubts. We then had to wait a long time before receiving official confirmation. The minutes seemed to last forever. The relief was great when they announced that I had won. After my stage victory at the Giro Rosa last week, here is another g...

Nacer Bouhanni wins the Grand Prix d'Isbergues

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Nacer Bouhanni won his 3rd success in the North, the 9th since the start of the season for the Arkéa-SamsicTeam. Nacer Bouhanni “The race was very fast from the start, but the team controlled as much as possible to make it a sprint. Benoit Jarrier, Florian Vachon & Alan Riou held the helm in front of the peloton Donavan Grondin pulled a good stretch to the last corner, and then I had Bram Welten and Dan McLay to start the sprint. I just had to finish the job. " "I'm happy to win this event for the Arkéa-Samsic team, but also for Florian Vachon who was competing in the last race of his professional career today. I told him while laughing last night, "like tomorrow, it's your last competition, you'll keep your bibs!" "He told me then" only if you win! I told him then, "I'll try to win for you." I also gave Florian my cup and the bouquet. It’s good to end up like this. It gives us all a boost. I am happy to offer him the end of his career with this success ”. “After the Brussels Classic, it was complicated. I had pain all over, especially in the neck. Once the aches were gone, I did a big week of training. The recovery in Italy did me good: the Gi ro della Toscana & the Coppa Sabatini. The average was high on these two events. The second day, it was a puncher's arrival. It allowed me to get back into it, because I did not run for a while between Brussels and these two events, now I will continue with Paris-Camembert & Paris-Chauny ".

TDF 2020/ sTAGE 11 / CalebEwan 2nd Victory

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Caleb Ewan caught a second stage victory in Poitiers in this Tour de France. In the final sprint, a final boost allowed the Australian to throw his bike on the line and lead in extremis Peter Sagan, Sam Bennett and Wout van Aert. This is the second victory for Caleb Ewan and Lotto Soudal in this Tour de France, after a first success in Sisteron at the end of the third stage. Caleb Ewan: “It was madness in the finale. I was at the front 1.5km from the finish and let myself be downshifted because of the headwind. Since my first win, I know I have to stay calm and wait for the breach to open. I didn’t find the opening until quite late today. I threw my bike over the line but didn't know if I won. I really wanted to win today. I was disappointed yesterday and it gives me great pleasure that the efforts of my teammates are rewarded. " “I'm really happy with these two victories. The first takes a lot of pressure off. After that, you always want to go get a second one. Now I obviously want to win a 3rd one, especially in Paris on the Champs-Elysées. So I hope to hang in the mountains and be able to try my luck again in Paris. " “We are only 5 cyclists at Lotto Soudal. It means I only have four teammates left to prepare for the sprints. After all the hard work during the stage, they were down to two in the last 10 kilometers. The other teams put pressure on us attacking in the final, but my two teammates did the job of a dozen men. They really did a really good job. " “My main competitor, Sam Bennett, is one of my best friends. In the sprint it is only the victory that counts but we are happy when the other wins. I was very happy to see him take his first ...

TDF 2020 / Stage 11 : Nairo Quintana still ranks 5th in general classification

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Nairo Quintana finished in the first peloton on this second flat stage in a row of this 2020 Tour de France. He was perfectly protected by all of his teammates including Clément Russo, 17th at the finish. Clement Russo“I spent the last fifty kilometers protecting Nairo during this second day on the plains. We were positioned in the top 20 of the peloton. I told him to stay in my wheel, that I was going to pilot him. I do indeed like rubbing and being in contact with the sprinters. I enjoyed doing this placement work, like that throughout the day. It’s a role I enjoyed playing with him " Nairo Quintana“The proposed routes for this 11th stage were still complicated, however my teammates helped me as always, supported me throughout the day. We had to constantly fight to find ourselves in front, to keep our position. Being in the front of the peloton was the best place to be because it was a lot of friction. We have held our place. Tomorrow is a stage in the middle of the mountains, and my goal once again will be to find myself in contact with the very best. I feel great after my fall yesterday. I am recovering well. Luckily this one was okay. I am physically well ”. Yvon Ledanois, Sports Director of the Arkéa-Samsic team“This 11th stage was quieter. I think yesterday's was so exhausting that the whole peloton needed to breathe physically, morally. This day allowed all the runners, including ours of course, to recover from the falls that had occurred the day before. Tomorrow is scheduled a very long mid-mountain stage which could leave traces in the bodies, before the important ones which are looming in the 3rd week of this Tour de France ”.

TDF 2020/Stage 11 : Guillaume Martin still ranks 3rd in the General Classification

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The day after a minor crash, the leader of the Cofidis team (3rd overall) wanted to experience a quieter stage. And this is exactly the expected scenario that unfolded between Châtelaillon-Plage and Poitiers (167.5 km) where his teammates supported him seriously throughout the day. The vigilant team to the endThis long day between Châtelaillon-Plage and Poitiers (167.5 km) went off without a hitch for the leaders, Guillaume included. At the end of the stage, Nicolas Edet and the whole team were keen to place themselves at the forefront in order to support him until the end and avoid the traps. On arrival, Guillaume Martin, who praised the work of his teammates, said he was satisfied with this stage. On his hand, Elia Viviani did not manage to find the opening in the sprint and finally finished 17th . Guillaume Martin's hot reaction“I wanted to have a quiet day after the crash yesterday and I did. We were attentive all day and we stayed focused. In the end, Nicolas (Edet) and the whole team had a great work to keep us in the front and not waste too much energy. From start to finish, it was a good job. It allowed us to have a relatively calm day and to consider the rest with serenity. I felt better than after yesterday's stage. I still felt in my back and neck that it was quite sore at the start of the stage. It wasn't a super enjoyable day on the bike but it was. And I'm glad I got through the day without any problems. "

pauline Allin Victory on the 6th stage of Tour de l'Ardèche International

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And two! Pauline Allin scored a second success for the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team, a few days after Gladys Verhulst unlocked the clock in Ile-de-France. This second 'bouquet' was raised on the roads of the Tour International de l'Ardèche, race 2.1! Accustomed to prestigious successes, Pauline, who won the Francophonie Games in Africa a few years ago, appreciated this beautiful new line that she has included in her record. “La Francophonie was with the French team, but this is a race with my brand team, there is a high level in this competition, and this success is a great reward for all the girls of the team, because we have all been present since the start of this competition. I started in the morning break and at the top of the last pass we were down to six in the lead. At the bottom of the last steep one-kilometer climb: four. And then it was done by still elimination, and I end up with the girl from Rally leading the way. And I thought, maybe she'll crack. I am still in his wheel in a turn at fifty meters. I was on top of it and all of a sudden she collapsed, and I was like, so "go on, go on". It’s the best victory of my career ”. This success Pauline wants to savor it by putting a collective accent on it. “This victory belongs to the whole team. We are all doing well, there are still six of us in the race. Sandra is still 5th in the general, and everyone is working towards the collective ”. An effective and profitable policy. The proof ! To which she added her sports director who was able to find the words in the final to sublimate it.

TDF 2020/ STAGE 10 : Elia Viviani ranks 4th

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Elia Viviani was able to join in the battle for the sprint where he pocketed 4th place and thus demonstrated his rise to power. Guillaume Martin, victim of a minor fall halfway through, benefited from the support of his teammates to preserve his 3rd place overall. After a well-deserved rest day, the peloton hit the road again on Tuesday. And for the first time in twenty years, a stage took place entirely in Charente-Maritime, to the delight of the public who came in large numbers throughout the 168.5 km covered on Tuesday. At Cofidis, we knew that it was a risky stage because of multiple factors including the wind from the ocean - ultimately relatively weak - but also the many roundabouts, islets and urban developments that made the more difficult race. Viviani confirms her return to business When entering Rochefort, Guillaume Martin was caught in a fall, apparently not serious. The rider also complained about his back at the finish. After the crash, he benefited from the invaluable support of his teammates to get back into the peloton. He then strived to stay in the wake of the best, thus protecting his 3rd place overall. The Norman nevertheless wants to be reassuring on his state of health and hopes "a day a little calmer", tomorrow, in order to recover well. His sprinting teammates got involved in the final battle. Elia Viviani, who is gradually regaining full possession of his means after having been touched in the foot in the first week, remained in the wake of the most fit riders of the moment. He finished in 4th place, his best result on this edition of the Tour de France. A clear rise in power and a ranking that he hopes to improve from tomorrow whe...



Nairo Quintana won a place in the general classification of the Tour. He is 5th this evening before starting the second week of racing, on Tuesday, after the rest day tomorrow in La Rochelle. NAIRO QUINTANA "It was not an easy stage for me, I didn't have a great feeling and what is more it went fast all day. I concede eleven seconds compared to the other favorites and that’s a lesser evil. The Tour is still long anyway. Tomorrow arrives the day of rest, I will go riding for an hour, an hour and a half, before the next stages of the plain, while continuing to look ahead  ''WARREN BARGUIL “Being in the break today wasn't necessarily the initial goal, but when the blow came out, I went for it. It was indeed my role to be present in front of that moment. I had good feelings. After the peloton, unfortunately, did not leave us much free field. I took a break before the last pass, and that's a shame because I would have liked to help Nairo more. He concedes eleven seconds on this 9th stage, but that's nothing because the Tour is still long and stages even more difficult than these are looming in the days to come. Nairo is doing well, we have seen him. Each year, in addition, he finishes strong in the third week of the Tour. The last pass today was more punchy. I think he suited Nairo a little less well. Yesterday, Nairo indeed showed on a harder collar that he was in great condition "SÉBASTIEN HINAULT, SPORTING DIRECTOR OF THE ARKÉA-SAMSIC TEAM “Nairo occupies 5th place in the general classification this evening, a few seconds behind Roglic. He lost a bit of time compared to other favorites at the top of Marie-Blanque, but subsequently we saw him among the most...



The leader of the Cofidis team hung on this Sunday during the final stage of the Pyrenees to keep his 3rd place overall. Guillaume Martin showed great courage and remarkable composure by conceding only 11 seconds on the winner of the day (Pogačar) and the new yellow jersey (Roglič). You had to have your heart set on Sunday following this 9th stage, the 2nd and last in the Pyrenees. In question ? The lack of visibility, the mercury - to less than 15 ° C - and especially the hellish pace of the race. Guillaume Martin, always in tune After the multiple attempts at breakaways and the solitary flight of Marc Hirschi, the Jumbo-Visma imposed their pace in the ascent of the Col de Marie-Blanque, undoubtedly one of the most difficult climbs of this start of Tour de France. Guillaume Martin, who had so far benefited from very good work from his teammates, held on as the field of leaders shrank. And then, 20 km from the finish line, the attacks started. Pogačar, Bernal, Pogačar again. Guillaume, he held on. A 3rd place in the dearly defended general If he was finally left behind by a handful of seconds, squad leader Cofidis showed quite a bit of composure as he participated in the counterattack. While Pogačar, Bernal, Roglič and Hirschi fought for the final victory, we saw in the distance the group of riders led by Guillaume. The Normand therefore resisted until the end and from an accounting standpoint, it is a success. He conceded only 11 seconds to the winner of the stage, Pogačar. In the general classification, the Frenchman remains 3rd, 28 seconds behind the new yellow jersey, Primož Roglič. Martin is the only rider to have seen his position in the “top 10...



NANS PETERS:"This is crazy" "It's the best victory of my professional career. At the same time, I only have two! I went to look for it with the manner, in a mountain stage, in front of beautiful people. It's crazy. When we were 12 seconds ahead, I knew we were going to play for the win. I said to myself: “Focus on the stage victory!” When I let go of Zakarin in the descent of the Port of Bales, I thought not to crack. I enjoyed in the last 500 meters because I had not done it last year in my stage victory in the Giro. What a day for our team. stage, polka dot jersey and Romain is very strong. ROMAIN BARDET: "A great day for the team" 4th in the  general classificationl at 11 ’’ “It's a great day for the team. First breakaway on the Tour and first victory, Nans was able to score. He is opportunistic and has no complexes. My record is a bit mixed because I took a big hit on the knee from a bad fall and it is painful. " BENOIT COSNEFROY: " Proud & happy for Nans" "Tonight, the fact that I kept my jersey is ridiculous compared to what Nans achieved. He had a great performance. I am happy and proud of him. We were co-tenants in Chambéry when we were at the Chambéry Cyclisme Formation, we know each other very well and I find what he does totally incredible: first Tour, first victory. Hats off ". Benoit Cosnefroy scored 10 points for the classification of the best climber. He now has 35 points and is four points ahead of Nans Peters who also won the Fighting Prize.



He hung on, attacked and gave it his all. Guillaume Martin defended with panache his 3rd place in the general classification in the Pyrenees, while constantly remaining in contact with the big favorites for the final victory. Take a look back at a day when the Normand once again showed the full extent of his talent.  There had been the arrival at Orcières-Moriette and this attack in the last kilometer. For Guillaume Martin, there will now be the 1st stage of the Pyrenees, where he dearly defended his 3rd place overall. Leader Cofidis, supported by Pierre-Luc Périchon and Nicolas Edet until he climbed the Port of Balès, then kept up with the hellish pace imposed by the Jumbo-Visma, then resisted multiple attacks.  Collective work and a breathtaking finale   In the last hectometers of the Col de Peyresourde, less than 7 km from the finish, the Norman went on the attack. With panache and self-sacrifice, he forced the favorites to respond. Then, in the last kilometer, another attack, new proof of courage. Until the end, Guillaume Martin dearly defended his coveted 3rd place overall.  He is 9 seconds behind the yellow jersey, Adam Yates, and is one of only 4 riders in the ‘top 10’ to have retained his place in the overall standings on this eventful day. Guillaume Martin knows, however, that nothing can be taken for granted. The battle begins again tomorrow. Between Pau and Laruns, the road will continue to climb, the passes will follow one another (five on the program) but the determination will always be as strong and intact. GUILLAUME MARTIN'S HOT REACTION  "The second part of the race was very intense from the Port of Balès. Pierre-Luc (Périchon) and N...



17th in Loudenvielle, Nairo Quintana is still 6th in the general classification of the Tour de France, a handful of seconds behind the yellow jersey. Nairo Quintana : “The legs are good, and the signals are positive. I tried to leave several times at the end of the stage, but the other leaders always came back to the groups I belonged to. I finish, in Loudenvielle, in the company of the riders who are fighting for the general classification. My rivals are very strong. My goal is to continue to be ahead in their company. I also have a thought for Diego Rosa, who fell on this stage, and who unfortunately has to leave the Tour this evening. " Winner Anancona :  “Nairo is having a very good first week on this Tour de France. He is very good. We also know that the 3rd week will be very tough, so we have to be careful. Here, for this first stage in the Pyrenees, there were lots of people in the passes, and people are true connoisseurs of cycling. Their encouragement has done us good. I also think of Diego who had to abandon the Tour today due to a crash " Dayer Quintana :   “It was the first stage of the Tour in the Pyrenees and it was a big day. The whole team did a lot of work again in favor of Nairo who ended up with the very best. We will however continue to take this Tour day to day. There are still two weeks of racing left and, above all, the third in the Alps will be very difficult. I also wish a speedy recovery to Diego Rosa who left the Tour in a crash today. "  Sébastien Hinault, Sports Director of the Arkéa-Samsic Team :   “This first stage in the Pyrenees was mixed for the Arkéa-Samsic team. There was obviously a great performance from t...


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